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Luath Press

Internship organisation

Internship organisation
Luath Press Ltd.
Type of organisation
Publisher, Book promotion, Organiser literary events
Editorial Department
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Internship description

The intern conducted extensive research on Sir Walter Scott’s oeuvre. In addition to this theoretical component, the student explored the practical side of bookpublishing in a wide variety of substantial tasks: from distinguishing between a publishable manuscript and a work in progress to the promotion of a fully edited book in its market-ready form. Also, the intern generated interest for the efforts of the publishing house with digital media engagement. The impact of the design process on the final production of a book was also carefully examined and put into practice.

Research component
The student analysed the development of Sir Walter Scott's work in his era and his connection to today's developments, particularly in Scotland. The term cultural memory was applied to the study and explained in detail.

Internship details

Type of internship
Research internship
6/10/2014 -19/12/2014
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