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Utrecht University (English Language & Culture)

Internship organisation

Internship organisation
Utrecht University
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English Language & Culture
Utrecht, The Netherlands
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Internship description

The intern was involved with the course Academic Reading, a required course for all first year bachelor students in the English Language and Culture programme. In this English-taught course students read literary texts spanning different periods and genres and learned to recognise and analyse important terms and concepts in literature . The intern was tasked with leading two work groups. The material used in class was discussed with the course coordinator weekly and the intern made her own analysis based on the material. In the work groups she reflected on the lecture, lead discussions about the texts and made sure the agreed upon themes had been touched upon. Additionally, she marked a portion of the mid-term papers and the final exams under the supervision of the course coordinator.

Research component
not applicable

Internship details

Type of internship
Teaching internship
09/2012 - 11/2012
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